Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Spitfire XII of 41 Squadron

A rare Spitfire XII that was delivered to 41 squadron on September 29th, 1943. It served with 41 Squadron until June 9:th, 1944 when it was hit by Flak over Carentan. The pilot, F.O. J G H Refshange, was wounded and bellylanded MB794 which was never recovered. 

Normally, Spitfire XII's in the MBxxx serial range was equipped with a retractable tail wheel but for some reason, MB794 had the regular fixed version as seen on Spitfire XII's in the ENxxx serial range.


FalkeEins said...


I'll say it first - its not a 109!

Not the most elegant Spitfire mark

Good work!

Anders said...

Yeah, bloody customers wanting strange Spitfires! It will be a good starting point for more beautiful versions though.