Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bf109G-6 at Wunsdorf
A very colorful Bf109G-6 found at Wunsdorf by Canadian troops at the end of WWII. The camoflage scheme seems to consist of a base of late war colors taken down the sides of the fuselage, on top of which a light color has been mottled. In the profile I've opted for RLM 02 for the mottles. This color seems to give the most correct contrast with the darker colors. What's interesting is that there seems to be a dapple of darker spots at the lower part of the fuselage that are darker than both main colors of the camouflage. 

More than one aircraft has been found in this scheme so it's certainly not a one off. The question is whether it might have been an enhanced version of the austerity scheme seen on Erla built Bf109G-10's or something else completely. The WNr's of these aircraft shows that they were all old aircraft that had had a major overhaul at a repar facility which might be the origin of all the aicraft in this intriguing scheme. Similar spots were found on the noses of some Fw190D-9's and on the sides of a few Me262's though so there might have been a more elaborate plan with the use of this scheme. 

No "Christmassy" profile from me this year either, but a Merry Christmas to all nevertheless!


Damian Andrus said...

Beautiful work.

Merry Christmas to You as Well,


KaptenHardcore said...

Former 5.(F)/123 perhaps? Haldimann notation for one of those.
Looks quite typically weird for recce machines.

KaptenHardcore said...
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Eduardo Brettas said...

Hi Anders,
What would be the purpose of this type of camouflage? There is a possibility of these spots not be RLM 2 but in RLM 04?
A great year 2016 for you!

Anonymous said...

My long held view on this camo style is that it is a 'tree line' scheme i.e. given the need to minimise on ground visibility with aircraft parked on /under the tree line a dappled effect might assist. Hence the dappled noses seen on some D 190's.
Think about it!

Pablo Angel Herrera said...

I have always been intrigued by that specific individual aircraft. Of interest is the late bigger-wheel-bulge wings and early canopy.
Best wishes to you in 2016!

Anonymous said...

Great profile of a very interesting subject. Any links to pictures of the real thing?

Pablo Angel Herrera said...

Is there information about the colours wore by this aircraft? RLM81/83/76?