Monday, April 28, 2014

Bf109G-14/AS of Bruno Klostermann
This is the Bf109G-14/AS flown by Bruno Klostermann in the autumn of 1944. Klostermann was a cousin of famous French ace Pierre Clostermann. Klostermann was killed in action on January 14:th, 1945, flying an Erla built Bf109G-10 marked Green 12. This however is clearly a Mtt Regensburg built Bf109G-14/AS.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anders

Firstly, what a fantastic website, excellent!

Regarding Bruno Klostermann, as you say the aircraft should be a G10 but could you tell me, is the colour scheme correct, as I would like to build a 1/48 kit Bf-109G-10 in the Klostermann colours.

I have seen ather drawings that show his aircraft having a mainly green fuselage with a grey nose cowling, I was not convinced by the green fuselage because in the photo of him on the aircraft you can just make out that there is a lighter colour by the fuselage + marking.

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks

Anders said...

Hi! Klostermann flew one or perhaps two Bf109G-14/AS' marked "Green 12" before he was shot down in another Green 12 which from the W.Nr (491 213) is known to have been Erla built.

The idea of a dark green fuselage must stem from some of the later Erla built G-10's but it wouldn't be correct for Green 12 that I too believe would have been painted in greys.

As there is no Erla built G-10 in 1/48 perhaps a G-14/AS would be better suited? (Easily converted from the Hasegawa G-10)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anders,

Thank you very much for the help.