Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bf109F-2 flown by Lothar Keller
Photos of this aircraft comes from E-bay and shows a Bf109F-2 with the markings of a II./JG3 Gruppenkommandeur. Considering that the aircraft has the all yellow engine cowling it must have been flown by II./JG3 at the channel front in 1941 which means that the pilot must have been the II./JG3 commander at the time, Lothar Keller. The contrast of the camouflage points towards an RLM 65/02/71 camouflage.


Uber Jager said...

c3 100 octane fuel logo ?

Anders said...

Yes, that's correct for a Bf109F-2. One of the surest ways to identify them and tell them apart from the F-4.

FalkeEins said...

nice work as usual !