Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bf109G-10 Red 2 of 5./JG52
While researching "Black 22" for the Barracuda decal sheets I came across a loss list entry for 5./JG52 showing a WNF built Bf109G-10 maked "Red 2" rather than the usual black. Pictures in Prien & Rodeike shows an aircraft marked "2" in a medium color that match the details quite well. 

The pictures were reportedly taken at Vezsprem in March 1945 which is also when the aircraft was lost. The pictures show a spiral spinner with a background lighter than both black and RLM 70 which is why I opted for red spinner to go along with the numeral and the fact that there seems to be eye-witness accounts of red occasionally beeing used for spinner in 5./JG52.


Carlos Escobar said...

Hi, Anders. Fantastic profiles, and interesting red color G-10.
Where can I get your profiles?
Carlos E.

Anders said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. This is pretty much it, at least for the time being. There's the decal sheets for Barracuda and some profiles for Neil Pages blog. I'll post here when new things are published.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you are pulling together late war G-6/G-14 subjects for a future decal sheet? I find those versions to have the most interesting color schemes out of the entire -109 family.

Anders said...

Any news of such things will be posted here if and when they happen. :)