Monday, September 9, 2013

JG3 Bf109G-6s in Normandie with green tailbands

A JG3 shield combined with a green fuselageband seems like a strange combination! A B&W photograph of this aircraft shows the dark tailband to good effect and intelligence reports on captured enemy aircraft in Normandy shows that several aircraft were found wearing the JG3 shield and a green fuselageband.

The most likely explantion would seem to be that JG27 aircraft were transferred to other units in Normandie and given the hectic and chaotic situation, new individual markings were added while the bands remained in place. 


Flc said...

Z├╝nderbatterie behind the head? So it will be a G-6 with MW50, also called G-14, or not? :-)

Anders said...

Actually, that's just me being a little careless, I forgot to remove the layer from my template before saving the final profile, sorry for the confusion.

So, A G-6 it is! :)

FalkeEins said...

indeed! ....nicely done as usual

Anonymous said...

Anders, lovely profile. It has inspired me to build it in 1/48 scale. I will be emailing you pictures soon. I used the new Eduard kit which provides the decals in a round about way.

thank you!