Monday, September 16, 2013

Another dark color Erla built Bf109G-10 Black 13 JG27_1200.jpg

Another Erla built Bf109G-10 found abandoned after the war. The interesting thing about this one is that although it appeared to be painted in a single color at first, just like the previously posted G-10, at a closer look there seems to be two colors. Not only that but they would seem to fit the pattern seen on the left hand side of the previously posted aircraft.

UPDATE: Franck Benoiton and Marc-André Haldimann disussed whether this aircraft that I previously believed belonged to JG11, might in fact have been a JG27 aircraft. Having given this some thought I started checking contemprary aircraft from the two units and though material on JG11 is scarce, the few photos showing latewar II./JG11 109's that exist doesn't show any tailbands. JG27 on the other hand displayed them to the end of the war in similar fashion to what can be seen in the picture. So unless any new information turns up, for the time being I'll settle for JG27 as the unit of this aircraft.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anders,
That's not exactly what I wrote:
And David is saying (about Black 7) that the unit is a guess.
Black 7 and 13 are different in size and positioning and I will add that 7 isn't that black (except if there is a report about that machine).
For sure, I./JG 11 didn't have Bf 109s (based on Holm' site)...
So, what else?
Even if it's really I.JG 27 I'm not convinced by this green band for a good reason:
1/ Photos contrast is higher.
2/ There is no contrast enough between camouflage and the band which is supposed to be an in flight recognition feature. (Just think about and check with well known II./JG 27 colour picture of Yellow 8: hard to see the green band!)
In that case, if it's really JG 27, well it's JG 27 with a yellow band because of the special Erla camouflage delivery.
Or it's not JG 27 neither JG 11.

That's all I'm able to say about it my dear friend. Nothing positive I'm afraid.

Regards, Franck.

Anders said...

Hi Franck, sorry to misquote you, I've changed the caption to better reflect actual opions! :)

Regarding the band, I've seen a few photos were the green has looked quite bright and remember that Yellow 8 doesn't have as dark camoflage as this aircraft does. So while it is impossible to be certain, green does seem like the strongest candidate to me right now.


Uber Jager said...

Linh Broken. :(

Anonymous said...

Another lovely '13' Anders!
Keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anders,

I personally miss you very much at HS. Hope all is well with you and your family. Here is something I came across several minutes ago and it struck me as I recalled the comments on the tail band here.

Take a look at Jerry Crandall's comment at: January 9 2013, 5:58 PM , where he comments on the use of RLM 99.

Could that be the reason for the relatively light fuselage band? I'm in the process of finishing mine and would love if you could tell me what do you think, when it is done. The band on mine is painted very closely to what it looks like in your profile. Me likey! :)

Eugene Popov

Anders said...

Hi Eugene! I don't put the time in as I used to but I'm still around. :)

RLM 25 looks quite bright in some other JG27 photos as well so personally I'm quite content with the interpretation but it's late war luftwaffe so never say never! :) RLM 99 could be an option I guess.

Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with!

/ Anders

Antti said...


I like very much these excellent profiles.

But... i noticed that this one (G-10, black 13) and all older profiles do not open anymore in full-size .

I hope they can be fixed...

With best regards,