Sunday, October 28, 2012

JG1 Erla built Bf109G-10

This Erla built Bf109G-10 might possibly be the most featureless profile I've done. Discreet was the order of the day when this aircraft was flown by Lt. Hubert Heckmann of 9./JG1 at Anklam in March 1945. 

Photos in Eric Mombeek's "Defenders of the Reich" volume 3 show this aircraft with the lower gear doors removed to prevent build-up of mud. According to the caption the aircraft was marked "White 13" but only the "1" is visible so the shape of the "3" is based on other aircraft from JG1. The aircraft seems to be from the 491xxx or 150xxx W.Nr. batches and I've painted it accordingly. During this period the transistion to unpainted wing undersurfaces had begun but it's hard to tell whether this aircraft had them or not. 


Anonymous said...

Fabolous Paint-Jobs, Dude!!
Thank you.
Greetings from Austria,

Anonymous said...

En annan skönhet Anders....sorry, another beauty Anders, of course, she's a '13'!