Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bf109K-4 at Neubiberg

Black <1 + - was one of many Bf109's flown by pilots of II./JG52 to Neubiberg at the end of the war. It carries all the charachterisitc markings with the yellow nose and rudder used by Luftflotte 4 aircraft and the typical small markings of II./JG52. 

The roughly sprayed 215 on the fuselage are the last three digits of the W.Nr which when looking at the style of camouflage could be either 332215 or 334215. The fact that the cross under the wing is outlined in white points to the earlier batch, i.e. 332215. 


Eduardo Brettas said...

Hi Anders,
This could be the K-4 flown by Major Wilhelm Batz?
I have a low quality image of this aircraft.
Um abra├žo.

Anders said...

Hi Eduardo! I don't think so, I think I know which picture you mean and as I recall that one has a proper double chevron of a Gruppenkommandeur but with no visible outline.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. I would love to see some more K profiles.