Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bf109E-4 of Walter Oesau - 1559 Part 2 
In January 1941 Walter Oesau replaced Wilhelm Balthasar as Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG3 and also took over the Bf109E-4 W.Nr 1559. In the first photos of Oesau and his "Green 1" it's evident that at some point, a cap has been added to the spinner and the fuselage has had yet another repaint. This time a more neat spray of possibly RLM 70 is covering the entire sides and upper fuselage. The flaking yellow paint is still evident as is the pennant on the aerial mast. 
In the last known photographs of 1559, the upper part of the engine cowling has been replaced by one without any yellow paint, just leaving the lower part in yellow and still showing the lower part of the old "White 1" marking carried since the spring or early summer of 1940. 

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Eduardo Brettas said...

Excellent, Anders! I have project to build a Tamiya 1/48 with the colors and marks of Balthasar. Your post will help a lot of it! Thank you!
E. Brettas