Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bf109G-14/AS Blue 17 flown by Heinz Schüler Schüler JG5_1200.jpg
A rather dull Bf109G-14/AS flown by Heinz Schüler of 16./JG5 at Forus, Norway, in March 1945. The beautiful blue markings brings a little life though as does the Bear of Berlin marking painted below the canopy. Typical of IV/JG5 aircraft is the red/white/red morane mast below the wing.

The paint on the rear fuselage might have been sprayed on in order to conceal the last four digits of the W.Nr which could be seen on contemporary aircraft.

Might be time again to remind everyone that the profiles are clickable for higher resolution images.


Anonymous said...

Nice work (as always). Now if Revell would just release a G-14/AS!

Uber Jager said...

Awesome job.