Monday, November 11, 2013

Messerschmitt Regensburg Bf109G-10
This is a rare Bf109G-10 built by Mtt Regensburg as can be confirmed from the W.Nr 130369 but modified for night fighting duties with 5./NJG11. Flame dampers has been fitted to the exhaust stacks and the fuselage has had it's panellines carefully puttied, sanded and polished for some extra speed. This work seems to have been in the field as the airframe is almost completely devoid of stencils. Additionally there's a small sliding section of perspex on the side of the canopy which is another non-standard item. Finally, the missing battery box on the rear cockpit bulkhead is an indication that there might have been some internal changes done as well. 

For the background story and hi-res photos of this aircraft go to Neil Pages FalkeEins Luftwaffe Blog All the info on this aircraft comes from him.


Uber Jager said...

I am creating War thunder skin this plane. But I need help. What is font name numbers ? ( 43 )

My fork final view

Anders said...

Hi! I'm not using fonts, they rarely fit what I want to do so I draw the numerlas myself using various tools.