Sunday, October 27, 2013

Erla Bf109G-10 from JG300


This is another one of those dark painted, Erla built Bf109G-10's. In this case there seems to be only one color on the upper surfaces, the small differences more likely being the result of weathering and a slightly uneven paint application. The newly released promopicture of the coming Revell Bf109G-10 seems to show this scheme, but with the wrong enginecowling as the boxart shows it in 74/75/76.

W.Nr comes from Jörg Meincke via Marc-André Haldimann. Also, credit goes to Jörg Meincke for correcting the caption.


Magnus Fridsell said...

I had no idea that these were "made in Sweden"! Any chance for a 1/72-version?

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Lorant hadn't any idea when the picture was taken and his caption "... January 1945" is pure fiction. Your caption is wrong too, the picture with the "yellow 5" was taken in all probability in April 1945.

Best Regards
Jörg Meincke

Anders said...

Other scales will be up to Roy to decide on. 1/72 is not my scale but if Roy wants to release it, I wouldn't mind.

Jörg, thanks for clearing that up, I'll update the caption accordingly.