Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bf109G-14 Schwarze 62
This Mtt Regensburg built Bf109G-14 belonged to an unknown training unit at Finow, spring 1945. The tall tailwheel were installed on all 109's serving with training units as it improved forward vision and made the aircraft easier to handle 0n the take-off run. Judging from the darker look of the color it seems likely althought not certain, that the aircraft wore a late war colorscheme. The spinner is not visible in the photo but is based on another picture from Finow showing other aircraft seemingly from the same unit. 


Anonymous said...

not bad! But notice, the octan triangle is not over the number on the photo.

Anonymous said...

btw. gives SA+RN for the WNr. 781993, the WNr. 781997 is also listed with the notice "I./JG 102, December 1944"


Anders said...

Thanks for the comments! Not sure wether the fuel-triangle is too large or if the "62" is misplaced but I'll look into it when I get the time.

FLC, do you mean that 781993 was from I./JG102 as well?


KaptenHardcore said...

I note this is blue 62 on the BArracuda sheet.