Monday, July 25, 2011

Chevron Circle of Detlev Rohwer

This aircraft has the standard WNF camoflage along the spine but it has been oversprayed with meandering lines of a very dark color like RLM70. Judging from the tailplane and comparisons with the contemporary aircraft flown by Hans von Hahn the wings of this aircraft were propably repainted in RLM70 and RLM 02.

Rohwers personal emblem was a shield with the knight Götz von Berlichinen dropping his pants which luckily is partially obscured by the wingtip! :)

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Eduardo Brettas said...

great illustration!
I have some photos of that aircraft and it was awaiting a profile to build my Zvezda 1/48 with the marks of Rohwer. Now I am with all the information that I need to begin. Congratulations for the blog!
E. Brettas