Sunday, July 31, 2011

5./JG27 Bf109F-4 Trop

It's rare to see a Bf109F-4/Trop in RLM 78/79 with a yellow enginecowling but II./JG27 used aircraft with that combination late 1941. The few photos showing these aircraft would indicate that the spinners were painted RLM70 but the photo of Black 9 is taken from an angle making it impossible to confirm the likely RLM70 spinner.


Franck Benoiton said...

At last, something new from our friend Anders! I was desesperate! Thanks Anders, and congratulations.

Franck a.k.a. ouidjat.

Anonymous said...

It´s a Gustav 2 ;)

Anders said...

It's cerainly an F-4 Trop, not a G-2, sorry but your wrong there whoever you are! :)