Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bf109G-14/AS from JG300

A photo found on Ebay shows the fuselage of this aircraft beeing made ready to be towed away from a field following a crash/emergency landing. The tailband makes it certain that it's a JG300 aircraft. The medium tone numeral with white outlines looks like the numerals used by 11./JG300 although it's hard to be certain.

The JG300 losslist shows a Bf109G-14/AS Green 14, lost on January 30, 1945 after the pilot Uffz. Gerhard von Strassmann crashed on take off from Mark Zwuschen while on a ferry flight. Whether it's the aircraft in question is impossible to tell though.

Both colors in the top fuselage camoflage are too dark to be RLM75 so I've opted for latewar colors. The nose seems lighter as does the tail but that wouldn't be unusal with missmatched parts from different productiobatches. The wings are not seen in the picture and could have been in any of the late-war pattern. 

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Bob Barts said...

You certainly do wonderful work Anders. As an aviation artist myself I tend to follow other artists with similiar interests and who are dedicated to their craft and you can tell you have this as well!
I have a blog with my art:
And also my website will be up soon: so please check in and give your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anders,
nice to see your own interpretation of that plane. Herbert has painted it too, with some differences...

Very nice and go on with it...


Anders said...

Well, it's latewar luftwaffe so there's no surprise that there are different interpretations! :)

Brian, thanks for the comments, I'll check in ASAP.