Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bf109F flown by Felix Sauer, 6./JG53

Several colorpictures in Erik Mombeecks "Luftwaffe Gallery" shows this aircraft flown by Felix Sauer on the Channelfront in the spring of 1941. The propblades, mottle on the enginecowling and the darker color on the spine seems to be the same i.e. RLM70. The grey on the spine is much warmer than the greys on the side of the fuselage so I believe that the spine is painted RLM70 and RLM02 while the sides are overpainted in RLM 74 and RLM75. Looking at the wingroots I believe that RLM70 and RLM02 was worn on the wings as well.

Additional info, Erik Mombeeck pointed out to me that although photographed by this aircraft, it was propably not Felix Sauer who actually flew it. 

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