Sunday, April 4, 2021

Bf109G-10 from JG301


Finally I've found my self between projects and with some spare time to do a profile for my own enjoyment! The subject is based on recently discovered photos of this Erla built Bf109G-10 serving with 14./JG301 at Gahro. The camouflage appears to be the standard RLM 74/75 but with an additional darker colour on the spine above the balkenkruez and the rear of the aircraft. 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bf109E-4 of Herbert Kijewski
Bf109E-4 flown by the staffelkapitän of 5./JG3, Herbert Kijewski, as it looked on September 2, 1940. As was common on 5./JG3 aircraft, this one too had a nickname on the engine cowling. "Erika", the name of Kijewskis wife.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Bf109F-2 of Stab JG1
This Bf109F-2 has a very unusual paint scheme for a Bf109F serving in the west. Thanks to the knowledge of Franck Benoiton and Sinisa Sestanovic it is safe to assume that this aircraft was flown by the Geschwaderstab of JG1 at Jever in June 1941. Another photo of the Geschwader stab Bf109F's shows similar camouflage schemes but with yellow noses and the Geschwaderstab emblem applied.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

54 Squadron Spitfire

One of the Spitfires featured in a series of photographs for Life Magazine propably taken at Hornchurch in the summer of 1941. The Sky tailbands have been applied in line with the tail unit panel line rather than horizontal. A single victory marking in the form of a swastika can be seen below the canopy. On the starboard side the inscripton "The Swan" could be seen below the windscreen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fw190A-2 of Max Buchholz

Fw190A-2 flown by Max Buchholz of 5./JG1 at Katwijk 1942 showing his personal sea gull emblem that could also be seen on his Bf109F and Fw190A-5. I've been busy with commision work for a while but hopefully will be able to update a little more frequently once my Fw190 template evolves.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bf109E-4 of Walter Oesau - 1559 Part 2 
In January 1941 Walter Oesau replaced Wilhelm Balthasar as Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG3 and also took over the Bf109E-4 W.Nr 1559. In the first photos of Oesau and his "Green 1" it's evident that at some point, a cap has been added to the spinner and the fuselage has had yet another repaint. This time a more neat spray of possibly RLM 70 is covering the entire sides and upper fuselage. The flaking yellow paint is still evident as is the pennant on the aerial mast. 
In the last known photographs of 1559, the upper part of the engine cowling has been replaced by one without any yellow paint, just leaving the lower part in yellow and still showing the lower part of the old "White 1" marking carried since the spring or early summer of 1940. 

Bf109E-4 of Wilhelm Balthasar - 1559 part 1
White 1 of Wilhelm Balthasar, a Bf109E-4 with the W.Nr 1559, served the Luftwaffe for a long period and went through many changes. The profile above shows the aircraft at the end of the Battle of France while Balthasar served as Staffelkapitän of 1./JG1. Although the aircraft looks very clean, some details points to a recent repaint.
The next profiles show the aicraft looking very similar but a bit more weathered. The white rudder and wing tips were only used in the first week of September 1940. At that time, Balthasar had just began his service as Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG3. Strangely, the markings from Balthasars time with 1./JG1 was still retained. (1./JG1 had since then been redesignated as 7./JG27) 
At the end of September 1559 had gone through several changes including a new III./JG3 emblem, heavily mottled sides that appeared to have been brush painted on around the emblems and a yellow nose and rudder. It appears that the yellow paint adhered very poorly to the brush painted areas where the diagonal part of the yellow cowling can be seen to be flaking very badly. 
Later in 1940 a green "1" and horizontal bar was added to the markings. It is unclear when this was done but seems likely to have been done before Balthasar handed over the command of III./JG3 and 1559 to Walter Oesau.